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Understand Good Hair


The cuticle is a naturally occurring protective layer that supports the inner structure of the hair.  The cuticle is a vital element as it enhances the look and increases the life of the hair.  Most brands of packaged human hair are inferior because the hair undergoes heavy processing, and is stripped of its cuticles in an acid bath.

Virgin hair

Virgin hair reaches the end user in its natural state.  Virgin hair has never been chemically processed, so there is no chemical damage to the cuticle and the hair retains all of its natural properties.

Indian temple hair

Indian hair has long been recognised as being the best hair to use for natural hair extensions.  It is the healthiest hair because it comes from individuals who have looked after it for the special purpose of donation at a temple.  Hundreds of thousands of Hindu women cut off their hair every year to show thanks for blessings, and to receive further blessings.  They then re-grow their hair to signify new beginnings.  This is a Hindu practice that has been going on for centuries.  The proceeds from the sale of hair provide valuable funding for the temples, local charities and community initiatives within India.

Single drawn hair

Single drawn hair is cut and collected straight from the pony-tail of an individual.  The ponytail contains strands of hair that vary slightly in length (just like your own hair) giving a naturally tapered look at the ends. Single drawn hair is of a high quality due to the simple “bind and cut” method of collection.  It provides a more practical way of guaranteeing that all of the hairs remain true to their natural form and the cuticles remain aligned. Weave Good Hair uses single drawn hair

Double drawn hair

The term “double drawn” refers to the second draw of hair, i.e. the fallen hairs that are collected after brushing out the single drawn pony tail.  These fallen hairs lie mixed in all directions and are no longer cuticle correct.  They are finally organised into batches that are equal in length and look blunt at the ends.

Regular brands of human hair

Regular brands of packaged human hair are manufactured using scraps of waste hair collected after brushing out the single drawn pony tail, and from the brushes of hundreds of thousands of Indian women.  This is what we call “Brushed hair”.  These scraps of hair lie mixed in all directions and can no longer be cuticle correct.  They are nevertheless gathered into large balls of yarn containing hair of different length, thickness and colour.

This method of collection makes it necessary for the hair to be submitted to harsh chemical treatments in order to be suitable for use.  The misaligned cuticles are partially removed in an acid bath, artificial textures and colourants are applied, and then the hair is further processed with a silicone coating to artificially enhance its appearance and delay matting and tangling.  It is inevitable that the hair will tangle and matte after about one month when the silicone layer wears off and the dull, brittle hair underneath begins to show through.  This creates the need to purchase hair more frequently.

Sleek Hair uses only the finest quality, single drawn, Virgin human hair.

Hair length

We provide hair ranging from 10-30 inches in length.  The texture of the hair you choose will affect the apparent length of the hair.  All of our hair, regardless of texture is measured as if completely straight, in order to get the true length.  Straight hair normally appears longer than wavy hair because it lies completely flat. 

Our wavy hair is stretched to reveal its true length and then measured.  This means that a 12 inch straight hair for example, will appear longer than a 12 inch wavy hair, as the wavy hair has more body, and part of its length is caught in the wave.  The same principle applies to curly hair, which springs upward into a coil.


Hair Maintenance

When you invest in good, premium quality human hair, one of the greatest benefits to you is that the hair can last months longer than packaged hair.  It is important to take good care of your human hair to help it fulfil its lifespan.

Daily care & styling:

When brushing the hair start from the ends and work your way up.  Do not brush directly on the weft or tug at the hair as this will cause damage and unnatural shedding.

It is not necessary to add excessive “product” to Indian hair.  Adding too much product will clog down the hair and make it look greasy.  Do however add moisture using light serums and leave in conditioning sprays.  You also need to look after your scalp and any of your own hair that has been left out of the weave.  Your natural hair will become dehydrated and brittle if it is not conditioned and moisturised on a regular basis.  Keep the natural hair line and scalp hydrated by applying a good amount of moisturising crème with natural ingredients.

Making waves:  Spray on water, or a diluted formula of water and leave-in moisturising conditioner to bring out the natural waves in our Indian hair (will be less apparent in hair advertised as “straight”).  The best results are achieved when you saturate the entire head, apply a light serum, and scrunch in an upward motion to encourage wave formation.  You can also use a holding mousse for more defined curls.  Allow your hair to air dry, or use a hair diffusing tool to finish.

You can flat-iron, crimp and curl our Indian hair for a range of versatile looks.  Before you apply heat to the hair use an alcohol free, non drying protective spray to shield against heat damage.

Before sleeping ensure that you comb through your hair thoroughly and detangle where necessary.  This is especially important when wearing thick textured curly hair.  Section out hair into two to four partings, plait loosely and tie down with a silk scarf.  This will help lock in natural oils, prevent hairline breakage and preserve your style.


Cleanse your hair every 7-14 days.  Use a gentle cleansing and moisturising shampoo and always follow with a deep conditioner.  We recommend you use products made from natural ingredients as this will help to maintain the virgin qualities of the hair.

DO NOT massage shampoo directly into the scalp as this will cause the tracks to loosen and may induce tangling at the weft.  Instead gently rub shampoo/conditioner through the hair in a downward motion.  Cleanse the scalp by gently rubbing in-between the tracks.

It is important to make sure your hair is thoroughly dried after washing.  Check the tracks to be sure there is no excess dampness. When hair is left damp, it can cause unwanted odour.



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