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Three Strategies To Test Your Hair Is Healthy

First, the smooth test

Test Method: Using a comb, hair comb to go from start to finish, and then hand holding a hair, rub gently in her hair, the hair at the end to see if there are broken or split ends.


Results: After hair comb, then rub the hair in his hand. You're using a comb, and if we get stuck or blocked in some places, that this place is not good enough hair development, is easy to dry hair, bifurcation and weakest areas, which should attract your attention.


Two, gloss test

Test method: first clean hair combed back, put a mirror in front of the hair, the location is to be able to see his head. Then use lights, shot in the head down, to see whether the crown like a halo round, if not on the first adjust the angle until you see the glow position.

Results: After seeing halos, according to judge the size of the halo, the brighter the better to represent the hair shiny, not vice versa.


Third, dander test

Test Method: head tilt aside and let the hair hanging on one side, put under a black cloth or black paper, then comb hair, comb repeated several times, the last black cloth black paper to see how much dandruff falling.


Result: If you are falling dandruff many and large, it shows their hair in an unhealthy state, to promptly get your attention, otherwise it will lead to more serious consequences.

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