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Must See! How To Deal With Dandruff And Hair Oil

First, the note before shampooing

Long hair, especially bifurcated signs should be performed before the first comb her hair shampoo. My hair straightened out to ensure that no knotted tangle together. In the selection according to their own situation for their own shampoo, shampoo water temperature control is good, generally about 36 to 37 degrees.


Second, the attention of the shampoo process

Shampoo when not to use your finger nail to catch her hair, so as not to scratch his scalp. Almost all people think shampoo is a simple process, and everyone can do that. But is not that simple thought.


Including shampoo and shampoo her hair skin two parts, when shampoo scrub with fingers in between the hair, use foam to wash off the dirt. Wash your skin when it is whole fingertips and rub your finger back and forth, side to play the role of massage, while reach to sebum, the role of fat.


Third, rinse Notes

After washing the head is flush process that can put dirt on the hair and scalp, dead cells, sebum, dandruff are flush, giving you a clean and healthy scalp environment. This stage of the process as much shampoo. General with warm water to wash, which does not irritate the scalp, but also protect the hair.


Fall head first in warm water, then rinse the head around to other places, while the general hand washing her hair. Then do it again, rinse residues of other substances, with palms pressed her hair, squeeze out excess water.

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