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Hair cancer" saved?

Hair loss is known as "head of the cancer."

Hair loss treatment is a world problem. Not really effective drugs or therapies. Thus, hair loss is known as "head of the cancer."

While hair loss can be divided into: seborrheic alopecia, alopecia pathological, chemical alopecia, physical alopecia, alopecia nutrition, obesity, alopecia, and other types of hereditary hair loss, hair loss, but because of the formation of a very complex and comprehensive intertwined,

such as mental pressure, endocrine disorders, hereditary, etc., we can say so far have not really found the machine to form a rational reason for hair loss, so there is no one truly effective drugs can make hair regeneration. In the field of hair loss treatment, 

hair loss treatments and methods are many, but basically have no significant effect. The medical profession in the study of long-term hair loss therapy, had put a lot of manpower and financial resources, and ultimately did not find the real panacea to solve the problem of hair loss.

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