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4 Facts about Human Hair Extensions

Human Hair extension got a wrong status as it is damaging and high-maintenance. Plus, many people consider wearing wholesale human hair extensions an extravagance suited for elite walking on the red carpet. Today, you will find out that there is no truth in these claims. Hair extensions give shinier and thicker look that not only look amazing but also give more confidence.


Hair extensions look fake

Wholesale Remy hair look like natural hair. Just a simple test will convince you. Wear it the right way and find out whether anyone believes you are wearing extensions. The bonds in tape-in hair extensions completely fit and cause no discomfort. The only thing one should consider is that one should match thickness, color, texture and density to achieve a fabulous look. The hair brought from wholesale human hair suppliers should be 100% virgin that means the hair cuticle is facing the same direction. This allows to dry, iron and styles the extensions as you could do with your natural hair.


Re-fixing extensions will be difficult

One should allot 90 mins of their time for fixing wholesale human hair extensions on the whole head. The removal is much faster. For example, in the tape-in extensions, the stylist loosens the glue by drenching the tape bonds. Then, the extensions are wiggled off easily. Hence, it can easily be fixed at home, as long as one follows removal and reapplication instructions.


Extensions are difficult to care

You can treat wholesale Remy hair extensions easily like natural hair. This means you can wash, braid, blow-dry, iron, and scrunch effortlessly, although you need to be gentle in your handling. Only thing to follow is to avoid combing when the hair is wet. Also, wholesale human hair suppliers have manufactured extensions in such a way that it can also be worked even while sleeping.


Hair extensions cause damage

If you apply it correctly ad treat it with proper care, there is no chance for any damage or breakage. Generally, many women turn to wholesale human hair extensions after losing their original hair.

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